Raymer Bay area Evacuation Order downgraded to Alert

Central Okanagan, B.C. – Central Okanagan Emergency Operations in consultation with the West Kelowna Fire Rescue has downgraded Evacuation Orders to Evacuation Alerts for the following properties:

  • 539 Westside Rd S
  • 575 Westside Rd S
  • 605 Westside Rd S
  • 631 Westside Rd S
  • 639 Westside Rd S
  • 643 Westside Rd S
  • 649 Westside Rd S
  • 657 Westside Rd S
  • 661 Westside Rd S
  • 667 Westside Rd S
  • 675 Westside Rd S
  • 683 Westside Rd S
  • 691 Westside Rd S
  • 697 Westside Rd S

To view the map of areas remaining under Evacuation Order and Evacuation Alert please visit cordemergency.ca. Raymer area residents are advised to stay out of adjacent evacuation order areas.

These properties remained under order recently due to an unidentified odour while air quality testing was conducted over several days. The results of this investigation concluded the odour is not hazardous and the testing also did not lead to the cause or source of the odour.

Residents of these properties must not consume drinking water provided by this private water system. Private water systems in the area have varying degrees of damage due to the wildfire. Depending on the status of their drinking water, residents may want to bring clean drinking water with them when returning home. Residents are advised to follow up with their water system operators for more information.

Residents returning to these areas are reminded that they are now on Evacuation Alert and must be prepared to leave at a moment's notice and be away from home for an extended period.

Property owners are returning to homes that have been without power for an extended period. It is recommended that they consult with their insurers about how to manage spoiled food, fridges and freezers before they begin to discard items or appliances. The Emergency Operations Centre offers curbside pickup of ruined fridges and freezers. For more information about this service, please visit Fridge and freezer curbside pick-up and wildlife attractants. For additional information on food safety visit the Province of B.C.’s website.

When returning to wildfire-impacted areas, residents are asked to please respect the privacy of others on neighbouring properties and refrain from trespassing.

Residents are encouraged to access the services of the Resiliency Centre:

  • Address: 403 – 3031 Louie Drive, Governor’s Landing, Westbank First Nation
  • Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Contact: By phone at 250-469-6327 or via email at resiliency.centre@rdco.com   

Frequently asked questions and other resources to aid in safe return can be found at cordemergency.ca/resources.

Do not enter areas that remain under Evacuation Order as wildfire hazards such as damaged trees and debris pose safety risks. If residents returning home notice smoke or hot spots within areas under alert or order, they can call the Kelowna Fire Dispatch non-emergency line at 250-469-8577.

Stay up to date through the CORD emergency site and subscribe to receive e-updates at cordemergency.ca. For more information, contact the information line at 250-469-8490 (local) or 1-877-569-8490 (toll-free).

For municipal and local government information such as landfill and transfer station hours, park and local road closures, visit their websites:

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