Glenmore Road area Evacuation Order

Kelowna, B.C. – Properties in the Glenmore Road area have been placed under Evacuation Order as crews respond to fires in the Clifton/McKinley areas of Kelowna. These properties are being tactically evacuated by emergency responders.   

Residents on evacuation order should leave their properties immediately. 

  • All properties west of Glenmore Rd N located north of John Hindle Dr intersection up to McKinley Rd (with specific additions) 

  • Bennett Rd 

  • Glenmore Rd 

  • Glenmore Rd N 

  • 1570 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 1580 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 1700 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2-1700 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 1850 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2040 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2070 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2102 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2140 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2150 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2200 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2340 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2410 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2455 Glenmore Rd N (specific addition) 

  • 2470 Glenmore Rd N 

  • 2610 Glenmore Rd N (specific addition) 

  • 2655 Glenmore Rd N (specific addition) 

  • McKinley Rd 

  • 2050 McKinley Rd 

  • 2175 McKinley Rd 

  • 2235 McKinley Rd 

  • 2245 McKinley Rd 

  • 2248 McKinley Rd (specific addition) 

  • 2265 McKinley Rd 

  • 2295 McKinley Rd 

  • Paly Rd 

A detailed map is available showing affected properties at 

Residents under evacuation alert should pre-register at ahead of time for Emergency Support Services should an evacuation order be declared. Residents who are out of their homes can register online or report to the reception centre to receive any assistance. 

New information will be released as soon as it becomes available. 

Emergency response personnel request that the public: 

  • Avoid the area so emergency responders can effectively perform their duties 

  • Please only CALL 911 in case of emergency 

For more information, visit, sign up for e-updates or call the information line at 250-469-8490.