Evacuation Order update for City of Kelowna

News Release No. 3, Kelowna, B.C. – The collapsed crane at the construction site in downtown Kelowna is being disassembled in stages. The first stage of this process has been completed safely. As a result, an update of the existing Evacuation Order has been issued.

Effective at 3:00 p.m., the Evacuation Order has been updated to remove the following addresses:

547 Bernard Ave 108, 591 Bernard Ave
549 Bernard Ave 200, 591 Bernard Ave
565 Bernard Ave 597 Bernard Ave
567 Bernard Ave 612 Bernard Ave
571 Bernard Ave 1475 Bertram Street
575 Bernard Ave  






St. Paul St. is open to pedestrian traffic only but all businesses on St. Paul St. and Bernard Ave are open, including The District on Bernard (formerly Towne Centre Mall). Bernard Ave remains closed to vehicles at Richter St. and open to pedestrian traffic only.

For those returning to their homes or place of business, the power may have been off for several days. Interior Health has some useful tips to address potential food spoilage for homeowners and for commercial facilities. For more information, please visit the Interior Health website.

The Evacuation Order remains in effect for the following addresses:

1450 Bertram St 105, 1449 St. Paul St
1464 Bertram St 106 1449 St. Paul St
1468 Bertram St 200 1449 St. Paul St
1476 Bertram St 200A 1449 St. Paul St
1488 Bertram St 201 1449 St. Paul St
1441 St. Paul St 202 1449 St. Paul St
100, 1449 St. Paul St 203 1449 St. Paul St
101, 1449 St. Paul St 203A 1449 St. Paul St
204 1449 St. Paul St 200 1461 St. Paul St
204A 1449 St. Paul St 1471 St. Paul St
100 1461 St. Paul St  










Only when the next stage of crane disassembly has occurred and it is deemed safe will the Evacuation Order be fully rescinded. This may take several days.

The public is asked to respect any remaining road/sidewalk closures, fencing and signage to allow crews and emergency personnel to perform their duties.

For up-to-date information on the situation, including a map, and to sign up for e-updates, visit cordemergency.ca. Information will also be provided via twitter.com/CO_Emerg and facebook.com/CORDEmergency