Evacuation Order remains in place for crane collapse incident area

News Release No. 4, Kelowna, B.C. – Outside experts are being brought in to continue the meticulous work on the disassembly and removal of the collapsed crane in downtown Kelowna. While this work progresses, the Evacuation Order will remain in effect for the affected area.

The Evacuation Order remains in effect for the following addresses:

1450 Bertram St

105, 1449 St. Paul St

1464 Bertram St

106 1449 St. Paul St

1468 Bertram St

200 1449 St. Paul St

1476 Bertram St

200A 1449 St. Paul St

1488 Bertram St

201 1449 St. Paul St

1441 St. Paul St

202 1449 St. Paul St

100, 1449 St. Paul St

203 1449 St. Paul St

101, 1449 St. Paul St

203A 1449 St. Paul St

204 1449 St. Paul St

200 1461 St. Paul St

204A 1449 St. Paul St

1471 St. Paul St

100 1461 St. Paul St

















The incident area is still considered unsafe and unstable. The experts will assess and action the technically complicated removal of the remaining sections of the collapsed crane which pose a risk. Every effort is being made to ensure that is it completed as safely and efficiently as possible and it is not anticipated that the Evacuation Order will be lifted before Monday, July 19.

The public is asked to respect any remaining road/sidewalk closures, fencing and signage to allow crews and emergency personnel to perform their duties.

Any new information will be released as it becomes available.

For up-to-date information on the situation, including a map, and to sign up for e-updates, visit cordemergency.ca.

Information will also be provided via twitter.com/CO_Emerg and facebook.com/CORDEmergency.