Planning for Sand and Sandbags, Recovery News Release #105

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 11:00am

As of 5:25 a.m., Environment and Climate Change Canada reported Okanagan Lake at 343.218 metres above sea level, a drop of 1.9 centimetres from the 343.237 metre level measured yesterday morning. This morning the level of Kalamalka Lake was recorded at 392.408 metres, down 1.5 centimetres from the 392.423 metre mark yesterday morning.

Lake levels may fluctuate up and down and ground water continue to increase for a period of time. A small lake level drop may not indicate the peak has been reached. Weather will continue to play a role with heavy rain causing lake levels to rise again.

The lakes remain at record high levels and is approximately 74 centimetres above full pool.  As a result, property owners should keep their flood defences in place and await further updates.  Gusty winds late yesterday and forecast for this afternoon and early this evening could once again challenge flood protection measures across the region.  Residents should check sandbags daily and if needed, repair, replace and fortify them to ensure adequate buffer and protection.

Crews are reviewing protective measures in various locations that are no longer under threat to help with the planning for the recovery part of the flood response. Locations may include those on public and private properties where emergency crews initially installed flood protection defences to protect public infrastructure.  One location where crews will be working in the next few days is along Bellevue Creek, removing aqua dams that were installed early last month.

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is close to finalizing a plan for regional recovery which includes timing for when and how protective measures will be removed.

People are reminded to stay off flood protection equipment and stay away from standing water. Jumping or walking on gabions or water dams is a public safety concern and could damage or undermine the device causing ruptures and significant water flows.

Emergency Operations Centre personnel are continuing to assess lake levels and the impact any future weather events may have on the ongoing emergency response.

All other Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain. Check out the map at and search by address to determine if an area is under alert or order, or to find the closest sand and sandbag locations.

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