Localized Flooding Prompts Responses News Release 23

Monday, May 8, 2017 - 3:11pm

Kelowna, B.C –  An Evacuation Order has been rescinded for Fintry Provincial Park north of Shorts Creek, which includes the caretaker house at 7455 Fintry Delta Road; and an Evacuation Alert has been rescinded for 90 homes in the Fintry Delta area south of Fintry Park.

An Evacuation Order has also been rescinded for 4697 Gordon Drive in the City of Kelowna.

The Emergency Operations Centre reminds all residents and property owners who are no longer under Evacuation Order and are now able to access their property to be aware that they may not have full services.  Many conditions must be considered including whether there has been flood/water damage and the status of utilities and electrical/gas service.  Those with property managers should see them to obtain information on the safety and status of their property.

Emergency Management BC has new information available for residents to consider when returning to their home after flooding.  Some areas of importance include the safety of drinking water, safety regarding electrical and gas utilities, food safety and caution surrounding removal of furniture and building materials https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2017TRAN0174-001191

New Evacuation Alerts Issued in Lake Country

The following properties in the District of Lake Country have been placed on Evacuation Alert:

  • 11080 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11110 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11124 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11136 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11152 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11166 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11180 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11194 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11218 Bottom Wood Lake Road

  • 11039 Deldor Road

  • 11087 Deidor Road

  • 11109 Deldor Road

  • 11121 Deldor Road

  • 11131 Deldor Road

  • 11141 Deldor Road

  • 11151 Deldor Road

  • 11165 Deldor Road

  • 11225 Deldor Road

  • 3186 Mayrus Road

  • 3010 Reimche Road

  • 3050 Reimche Road

  • 3090 Reimche Road

  • 1 - 3091 Reimche Road

  • 3115 Reimche Road

  • 3118 Reimche Road

  • 101 to 121 - 3155 Reimche Road

  • 11326 Reimche Road

  • 11610 Rogers Road

  • 11656 Seymour Road

  • 11668 Seymour Road

  • 11680 Seymour Road

  • Seymour Road (PID 017-705-339)

  • 11511 Turtle Bay Court

  • 11531 Turtle Bay Court

  • 11571 Turtle Bay Court

  • 11591 Turtle Bay Court

  • 3118 Wageman Road

  • 3151 Wageman Road

  • 3041 Woodsdale Road

  • 3081 Woodsdale Road

  • 3091 Woodsdale Road

  • 3110 Woodsdale Road

What should occupants do when an alert is in effect?

Occupants should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice should it become necessary to issue an Evacuation Order. Prepare by: locating all family members or co-workers and designate a meeting place outside the evacuation area, should an evacuation be called while separated; gathering essential items such as medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (i.e. insurance) and immediate care needs for dependants and having these items readily available for quick departure; preparing to move any disabled persons and/or children; moving pets and livestock to a safe area; and arranging accommodation for your family if possible.

What Evacuation Orders remain in affect?

In addition the following Evacuation Orders remain in effect in the following jurisdictions:

Okanagan Indian Band IR#7

  • 279, 281, 317, 319, 321 and 323 Lake Lane

  • 351, 353, 355, 357 and 359 Wonder Way

  • 399, 401, 419, 421 and 423 Water Way

  • 431, 433, 435, 437 and 467 Rest Route

  • all units in the Wedgewood building at 415 Commonwealth Road

  • 415 Commonwealth Road, Holiday Park odd number addresses from 439 to 461 Rest Route

  • 415 Commonwealth Road, Holiday Park odd number addresses from 403 to 417 Water Way

  • 720 Commonweath Road, 233, 234, 235, 236 and the unit opposite 233

  • 415 Commonwealth Road, Holiday Park– Beachview building

  • 415 Commonwealth Road, Holiday Park – Park Place building

  • 7841 Highway 97 – Turtle Lodges

  • 20 properties within Holiday Park Resort, 415 Commonwealth Road: odd number addresses from 439 to 461 Rest Route and odd number addresses from 403 to 417 Water Way

  • five units at 720 Commonweath Road: 233, 234, 235, 236 and the unit opposite 233

District of Lake Country:

  • 11019 Bottomwood Lake Road (includes property signed as 11039 Bottomwood Lake Road)

City of Kelowna (Orders)

  • 1966 Richter Street

  • 3545 Bulman Road

  • 1826 Marshall Street

  • 3897 Casorso Road

  • 1980 Ethel Street

  • 1981 Gordon Drive

  • 1824 Marshall Street

  • 1237 Pacific Avenue

  • 2002 Ethel Street

  • 1902 Lindahl Street

  • 1936 Lindahl Street

  • 1948 Lindahl Street

  • 1118 Brookside Avenue

  • 1122 Brookside Avenue

  • 1130 Brookside Avenue

What roads are closed?

  • Old Vernon Road between Bulman and Anderson Roads

  • Bulman Road

  • Shannon Lake Road from east of Shannon View Drive to the intersection with Stevens and Bartley Roads due unsafe conditions caused high water at the bridge over McDougall Creek.

    • Motorists accessing Lenz Road will be allowed through the east side of the closure, and Crystal Springs residents will be allowed through the west side of the closure.

  • Residents taking students to school at Shannon Lake Elementary are asked not to park on Shannon Ridge Drive as this is currently an alternate route for Shannon Lake Road traffic. Please consider parking on Woodstock Drive, Sandstone Drive, Shannon Way.

  • Residents taking students to school at Constable Neil Bruce Middle are asked to not park on Daimler Drive. Please consider parking on Auburn Road.

  • Gellatly Road from Witt Road to Angus Drive due to unsafe conditions caused by slope instability.

  • Gellatly Road Bridge over Powers Creek due to unsafe conditions caused by high water. Motorists are asked to avoid parking on the west side of the bridge (from West Kelowna Yacht Club to the Cove Resort) as clean up and restoration efforts are underway.

  • Travel is not recommended on Chute Lake Road due to washouts and deteriorating conditions.

Declarations of Local States of Emergency

The District of Lake Country has declared a State of Local Emergency. Declarations of Local States of Emergency remain for the City of Kelowna, the City of West Kelowna and for the Fintry Delta in the Regional District of Central Okanagan to address flooding.

Disaster Financial Assistance

The BC Government announced that Disaster Financial Assistance is available to Central Okanagan residents affected by the recent flooding.  Applications must be submitted by August 5th to Emergency Management BC and are available online at www.gov.bc.ca/disasterfinancialassistance.

Information on Flood Preparedness and Returning After a Flood

The Preparedness BC website has information to help those property owners with protecting their property from flooding and some considerations for those returning after a flood.  http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/public-safety-and-emergency-services/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/embc/preparedbc/preparedbc_flood_information_for_homeowners_and_home_buyers_web.pdf

Interior Health also has information available for residents to consider Before, During and After a flood:  https://www.interiorhealth.ca/YourEnvironment/EmergencyPreparedness/Pages/Flooding.aspx

Information on flooding and electrical safety is also available for BC Hydro and FortisBC customers:  www.bchydro.com  www.fortisbc.com

The Boil Water Advisory for Westbank First Nation IR#9 continues.   More information and a water system map are available at www.wfn.ca/wfnnews.htm.

For up to date information on the situation including a map and to sign up for e-updates, visit www.cordemergency.ca.

Anyone noticing a potential problem or a flooding concern is asked to call the Kelowna Fire Department at 250-469-8801.

Information will also be provided via the https://twitter.com/CO_Emerg and https://www.facebook.com/CORDEmergency/ For more information contact the Information Office at 250-469-8490 or 1-877-569-8490 (toll-free).