Landslide Forces New Evacuation News Release #51

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 6:52pm

An Evacuation Order has been issued for 17 properties along Kilkenny Place in the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area of the regional district.

The following properties are on Evacuation Order:

  • From 9567 to 9697 Kilkenny Place

Late this afternoon a small landslide came down in the Killiney Beach subdivision below Westside Road. 

No one was hurt by the sloughing onto these lakeside properties below Kilkenny Place.  The slide debris appears to affect at least one home.   Until slope stability is assessed, for their safety, eight residents of these properties are being accommodated by Emergency Support Services volunteers from Vernon.

The PreparedBC website has detailed information about what residents should look for to assess potential landslide conditions:

Recognize the Danger Signs

Get to know your terrain and waterways. The best way to prepare is to be aware of changes that could signal a landslide. These may include:

  • Sudden changes in stream flow
  • Rapid changes or pulses in flow (e.g. changes in volume) or pulses of sediment (e.g. from clear to murky).
  • Abnormally dirty water
  • Accumulation of large logs or debris
  • Rapid accumulation of sediment or bed-load along a flat section of a creek channel
  • Tension cracks near the top of the slope
  • Falling rocks or boulders or flowing or sliding soil. This may precede a much larger landslide

Leave the area immediately if you observe the following:

  • A faint rumbling sound that increases in volume
  • Unusual sounds, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together

When you are safe, report the situation by calling 9-1-1. If you are caught in a landslide with no option to evacuate, curl in a tight ball and protect your head and neck. 

To view the most up to date information, go to and view maps. Going forward, updates will be posted daily at 11 a.m., unless conditions change.