Lake levels rising, leave flood protection in place - News Release #89

Friday, June 2, 2017 - 11:49am

Since yesterday morning, Okanagan Lake has risen just over 2cm to 343.194 metres and Mission Creek is flowing between 65-85 m3/s, with flows peaking in the middle of the night.

Sudden changes in weather could further increase the risk of flooding. Area lakes and creeks are expected to continue rising for the foreseeable future with the high elevation snowpack still to melt. For that reason, property owners should follow the lead of local governments by continuing to monitor weather conditions and check their flood defenses, repairing and bolstering as needed to protect against potential flooling from the continued rise in water levels.

Residents and visitors are reminded to stay off flood protection measures in place. Jumping or walking on gabions or water dams is a public safety concern and could damage or undermine the device causing ruptures and significant water flows.

Going into the weekend, residents and visitors should continue to find wake-free options to enjoy Okanagan Lake. Respectful operation of watercraft is urged so that boat wakes do not cause further erosion or flooding of lakeshore properties. Boaters also need to be cautious about wood debris floating under the surface of the lake and submerged infrastructure.

Property owners pumping water from homes should pump into natural areas such as nearby creeks, ditches or lawns and not into storm drains or the sanitary sewer system. Pumping into sanitary sewers can overtax water treatment facilities and could lead to potential backups of wastewater into their properties.

Late yesterday afternoon, four waterfront properties along Hodges Road and one on Kilkenny Place in the Killiney Beach subdivision of the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area of the Regional District were placed on Evacuation Order. All previous Evacuation Alerts remain in effect and residents should be prepared to leave their homes with little notice if the threat to public safety rises from flooding. Check out the map at and search by address to determine if an area is under alert or order, or to find the closest sand and sandbag locations.

Flood activity efforts today will focus on assessing and building up protective measures, as well as identifying and prioritizing efforts to protect critical infrastructure.

For municipal information such as boat launch, park and beach closures, and water quality advisories, visit their websites:

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