Evacuation Order, Truswell/ Capozzi

Saturday, July 8, 2017 - 5:57pm

An evacuation order has been issued for 176 units on Truswell and Capozzi Roads due to building fires. The order will remain in place overnight tonight as power and gas have been turned off for the area, which also means residential fire smoke alarms and suppression systems may be non-operational.


The evacuation order impacts The Waters Edge (65 units), Walnut Grove Motel (37 units), Charles M. Suites (11 units), Mission Shores (54 units) and nine single family waterfront homes.


Fire suppression work will be ongoing tonight and possibly longer.


Evacuees are being directed to the Salvation Army on Sutherland Ave, where Emergency Support Services (ESS) are set up with food and shelter options for displaced residents.


People are being reminded to stay clear of the general area as it remains a restricted access area.


To stay informed about the evacuations, visit www.cordemergency.ca, sign up for e-updates or call the information line at 250-469-8490.