Cleanup complete by weekend, Emergency Operation Centre closes

Friday, June 29, 2018 - 9:09am

News release no. 46, Central Okanagan, B.C. - Crews are in the final stages of removing the few remaining flood protection measures put in place this spring to keep our communities safe during the 2018 Freshet season. Cleanup efforts are expected to be complete by end of day today, Friday, June 29.

With the flooding threat having passed, the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre is no longer operational.

Beaches across the Central Okanagan region have been cleared of woody debris.

While lakes levels have returned to normal full pool, those partaking in water activities are asked to remain prudent and courteous on the waterways and foreshore. Observing reduced speeds and practicing low-wake along the shoreline helps protect from erosion caused by wave actions.

Any remaining debris on private property is the responsibility of residents. It can be disposed of as yard waste and put into the curbside yard waste bins, providing it meets acceptable size limits under the program.

Residents may also choose to take larger loads of yard-waste type debris to:

  • the Glenmore landfill in Kelowna.┬áRegular tipping fees apply.
  • the Westside Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre on Asquith Road in West Kelowna. Regular yard waste disposal charge applies.
  • the transfer stations at Traders Cove and North Westside with a maximum load of 250 kilograms, 10 bags or one pick-up truck load.

See the Regional District Regional of Central Okanagan Yard Waste Program for more information.

Any remaining sandbags on private properties can be disposed of, still filled with sand in the bags, at the Glenmore Landfill. Regular tipping fees will apply. Sandbags that have been sitting in water may contain mould. Stay safe: wear N95 respirators, nitrile gloves and rubber boots, and wash your hands and clothes thoroughly after handling the sandbags.

Under no circumstances should sandbags be emptied into creeks, lakes, wetland, beaches or other watercourses as outlined in the Water Sustainability Act. It is illegal to do so.

Residents can continue to stay informed about emergency incidents as they arise in the region by visiting and signing up for e-updates to receive notifications directly to their inbox.

For municipal information such as boat launch, park and beaches closures, and water quality advisories, visit their websites: