Changes to evacuation order area

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 5:00pm

News Release no. 28 Central Okanagan, B.C. – Due to reduced fire activity on the south end of the White Rock Lake wildfire, the evacuation order issued on Aug. 12 for properties in Fintry, La Casa and Shalal Road within RDCO’s Central Okanagan West Electoral Area has been reduced to an evacuation alert.

The new evacuation alert includes 608 properties from 6916 Barcelona Dr E (south end) to 7355N Westside Rd (north end), including the following roads:

  • Barcelona Dr E
  • Dunwaters Rd
  • Fairbridge Rd
  • Fintry Delta Rd
  • Fintry Provincial Park
  • Gray Rd
  • Kelly Pl
  • La Palma Loop
  • Madrid Way      
  • Marbella Loop
  • Morden Rd
  • Muir Rd
  • Santa Fe Way
  • Santiago Loop
  • Shalal Rd
  • Shorts Rd
  • Terazona Dr
  • Toledo Dr
  • Valencia Way
  • Verona Loop
  • Westside Rd (6409 Westside Rd to 7355 Westside Rd)
  • Westside Rd N (6445N Westside Rd to 6808N Westside Rd)
  • Wood Rd

The other evacuation orders and alerts for the White Rock Lake Fire remain unchanged at this time.

A detailed map showing the rescinded alert and order areas is available at

Returning residents are reminded that they may encounter various hazards on private properties as a result of the forest fire. Active fire suppression work continues throughout the area of the fire, be respectful and stay out of the way of emergency vehicles and crews. Do not block access to streets or properties.

Burnt trees with little or no limbs have limited structural support and may fall at any time. Burning root structures leave the surrounding ground unstable and extremely hot. Wild animals may have been affected by the fire. If you spot an animal in distress, keep your distance and contact the Conservation Office at 250-828-2551.

As there was a disruption in electrical service, power may still be out in some areas but is being restored as quickly as possible. Check BC Hydro outages for information about your area.

When returning after a power outage, food in your fridge or freezer may no longer be safe to eat. Do not take any chances with the safety of your food. That Government of British Columbia has information on Food and Water Safety for residents affected by wildfires. 

BC Emergency Preparedness has additional information for returning home after a wildfire.

Residents in the Alert areas are reminded to be ready to leave their home at a moment’s notice. They should be prepared to be away from their home for an extended period of time, pre-register with ESS online at, make arrangements for pets and pack essential items such as medicines and important documents.

For those who have been notified of structural damage on their properties, resources are available at

A detailed map showing the present status of Orders and Alerts affecting properties within the RDCO is at

For official situation updates and preparedness information subscribe and follow, or or call the information line at 250-469-8490.