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Air Quality in the Central Okanagan     

The Air Quality Program is a joint initiative between the City of Kelowna, Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO), District of Peachland, District of West Kelowna, Westbank First Nation and the District of Lake Country.

The Air quality Program helps protect and improve our air through education, awareness and pollution prevention programs. The 2007 Air Quality Management plan identified open burning and residential wood burning as the main causes of degraded air quality in the Central Okanagan; however, recent emissions data highlights the increasing importance of vehicle emissions. The current Air Quality Programs are based on the 2007 Air Quality Managment Plan. 

After six years of implementation, the Regional District is now seeking to evaluate the progress made on reducing air pollution, and to update the goals, strategies and actions for continuing to manage air pollution for the next five years and beyond. Updating the Regional Airshed Management Plan provides an important opportunity to identify changing sources of air pollution and update strategies needed to address regional air quality concerns.

The Central Okanagan Clean Air Strategy online feedback forum has closed


From April 23 to May 6, 2014, the public had an opportunity input ideas to update the goals, strategies, and actions of the 2007 Air Quality Management Plan. You can still visit the site to see what residents suggested. Thanks to all for participating in this online feedback forum

The final plan is expected to be completed by June 2014.

Regional Airshed Management Plan Overview

The project to develop a new Regional Airshed Management plan started in late 2012 and was divided into two phases:

Phase I - Research and Review. This phase provided the current state of air quality in the Central Okanagan, an assessment of the progress made to date in managing activities that impact local air quality and will highlight potential strategies for inclusion in the updated plan during Phase II of the project. 

Phase II - Consultation and Preparation of the final plan. A new mission, identification of general goals, objectives and targets, estimated costs of actions and possible programs will be included in the plan.
An advisory group was formed to guide the overall plan development and provide expertise and advice. Local government staff and key stakeholder representatives are participating and contributing ideas during the updating process of the Regional Airshed Management Plan of the Central Okanagan, including: Interior Health, Ministry of Environment (provincial), Environment Canada, Health Canada, and representatives from all local government partners.
As of February 2014, the Regional Airshed Management Phase I - Research and Review - has been completed and the preliminary report has been presented to the Regional Governance and Services Committee for approval to move forward with Phase II. 

Phase II included the recent public consultation and the preparation of the final plan. An online public consultation to inform the public about strategies and activities recently closed. The final plan is expected to be completed by June 2014. 

We can all improve our local air quality

Within the Regional District of Central Okanagan there are a few specific circumstances when burning may occur:

Open burning is only permitted when the Venting Index is 65 or greater and particulate matter (PM 2.5) concentration is less than 15 µg/m3

Current Open Burning Conditions

Residents with a valid permit are required to check the air quality conditions on the day that they want to burn. Conditions are updated daily at 7:15am. The conditions can also be accessed by calling 1-855-262-BURN(2876). 


A local fire department may exempt a permit holder from the venting and air quality regulations when burning is required specifically for a fuel modification project to dispose of fire hazard materials and protect public safety by reducing the potential for interface wildfires. Permit holders may be subject to other conditions from the fire department issuing the permit. 
Areas within the Regional District that are outside of a fire protection area fall under the Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. Residents must contact the Regional District at 250-469-6223 to confirm that they are outside of a fire protection area. For more information about Outdoor Burning Information click here.

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Regional Air Quality Coordinator
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