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Residents living on Westside Road south of Bear Creek Provincial Park and north of Sailview Bay (901 Westside Road) are on evacuation alert effective immediately. All residents should be prepared to evacuate on very short notice.


If residents have to evacuate:

  • Take an emergency survival kit with you (e.g., battery-operated radio, flashlight, water, food, warm clothing, etc.).
  • Make sure you take prescription medicine and identification for the entire family.
  • Stay tuned to the media and follow instructions from local emergency officials.
  • Shut off water, gas and electricity, but ONLY if instructed to do so.
  • Make arrangements for pets.  Local emergency officials will advise you.
  • Wear clothes and shoes appropriate to conditions.
  • Lock up your home.
  • Follow the routes specified by emergency officials.
  • Don’t take shortcuts.  A shortcut could take you to a blocked or dangerous area.
  • If you have time, leave a note telling others when you left and where you went.
  • If you are evacuated, register with the local ESS emergency reception centre (as advised by emergency officials) so you can be contacted or reunited with your family and loved ones.

Traders Cove, Bear Creek Service Road and Bear Creek Provincial Park remain evacuated. Evacuees are asked to register at the Emergency Social Services Reception Centre at the Westbank Lions Hall (2466 Main Street, West Kelowna).


Westside Road is closed from Sailview Bay in the south to Bear Main Forest Service Road in the north. A state of emergency is in effect and the Emergency Operations Centre is activated. 


The Public is asked to:

  • Avoid the Westside Road area  so emergency responders can effectively perform their duties
  • Stay tuned to the media for further information.  Please do not call the Fire Department or other emergency services for information.
  • DO NOT CALL 911 unless it's a life threatening emergency
  • Remain calm
  • Stay by the phone to receive a call if a family member(s) may have been impacted.

Well-trained emergency response crews are responding to the situation and dealing with the priorities of the incident. Our first concern is for public safety and the safety of our emergency response personnel. We are working with other response agencies to manage the situation and minimize the impact it has on our community as a whole.


New information will be released to the media as soon as it becomes available. Public inquiries can be directed to 250-469-8490.


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