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Do you know where your important family documents are?  How about photos and irreplaceable negatives?  What about medicines, prescriptions and glasses needed in the event you have to quickly leave your home during an emergency?

The Central Okanagan Emergency Program and Emergency Support Services organization is encouraging all residents to restock and update their family ‘Grab and Go’ kits or to take the time now to gather items and prepare their first kit.

Emergency Program Coordinator Jason Brolund says, “During any emergency we all need some basic supplies. Remember, you may be without electricity or water and should be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours.  It’s certainly easier to prepare the items you and your family might need to take now, when there’s no pressure, than it is after receiving a knock at the door telling you to leave your home in an evacuation.”

ESS Coordinator Catherine Williams adds, “For many years we have encouraged residents to prepare ‘Grab and Go Kits’ containing items that you and your family would need to survive outside your home.  These might include such things as important documents, medications and prescriptions.  Consider a wind up flashlight and radio, clothing, dried food and enough drinking water to last at least three days for your kit.  You may also want to expand your Grab and Go Kit to include irreplaceable items like photos, negatives and family heirlooms.  And if you have a pet, don’t forget food and water for them too.”

Brolund adds along with preparing your kit, visit and subscribe to our online email notification program.  Whenever a news release, maps or other official information is sent from the Emergency Operation Centre Public Information Office, subscribers will get it delivered directly to their email inbox. 

“The website is simple and easy to use, containing just a few pages and will provide the latest information whenever the Emergency Operation Centre has been activated and is staffed.”

The website also has links to information on how to prepare your family for any kind of emergency that might occur in the Central Okanagan from floods, to wildfire, even a severe storm.  The site also provides convenient links to the Provincial and Federal Emergency programs and the BC Disaster Assistance program.


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