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Kelowna, B.C.  – An Evacuation Alert remains in effect for 14 properties* in the eastern portion of Joe Rich near Mission Creek as the potential remains for possible flooding. 

Weather and creek conditions are being monitored by Joe Rich Fire Rescue and the Regional Emergency Program.  The status of the alert will be evaluated over the next few days and will be affected by any changes in both the creek levels and weather.

Overnight, some basement flooding was reported in one home in the evacuation area after a logjam developed in the creek.  The logjam was removed from the creek protecting properties from more serious flooding.  Between 13 and 40 millimeters of rain fell yesterday depending on locations throughout the Central Okanagan.

Property owners in the evacuation alert area should remain alert to changing water conditions and are encouraged to take appropriate precautions to protect their properties and structures from possible flood damage in the event that conditions rapidly change.  All people should stay well back and away from the banks of Mission Creek due to the high flows and the potential for sloughing, bank erosion and slippery creek banks.

Residents will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to any evacuation order that might be necessary. However, due to changing conditions there may be limited notice provided to residents.

The BC River Forecast Centre has a High Streamflow Advisory in place for the Okanagan.    While the level and flow of Mission Creek has dropped Sunday from a near record level (peak of almost 100 cubic meters per second – a one in 50 year event) late Saturday night and early Sunday morning in response to yesterday’s isolated heavy rains in localized thunderstorms, conditions over the next few days are very weather dependant and are being carefully monitored. 

Other activities yesterday included removal of several trees along Middle Vernon Creek to prevent a potential flood blockage that could have affected nine homes.  Three trees are being removed in the Balldock/Jaud Road area near Priest Creek in East Kelowna that were in danger of eroding and potentially damaging a mobile home that was voluntarily evacuated Saturday.

Sandbags are available for those facing imminent threat at the Joe Rich Fire Hall 11481 Highway 33 east and other local fire halls in the Central Okanagan.

If you notice flooding in your area, please contact the Regional Fire Dispatch at 250-469-8577.

Information and pamphlets on flood preparedness including a recommended method for sandbag diking are available from the Regional District of Central Okanagan office (1450 KLO Road) and the main City of Kelowna fire hall on Enterprise Way as well as on the Regional District Emergency Operation Centre website as well as on the Regional District Emergency Program webpage  Information about flood precautions is also on the Emergency Management  BC website:

*The following properties are on Evacuation Alert as of 12:40 am June 24th in order that owners can prepare their premises or properties and family should the creek flow increase and threaten homes and structures on their properties.

·         11250 Highway 33 East

·         11490 Highway 33 East

·         11481 Three Forks Road

·         11600 Greystokes Road

·         11700 Greystokes Road

·         11800 Greystokes Road

·         11900 Greystokes Road

·         11505 Greystokes Road

·         12025 Greystokes Road

·         12310 Greystokes Road

·         12326 Greystokes Road

·         12342 Greystokes Road

·         12458 Greystokes Road

·         12474 Greystokes Road




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