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After assessing McDougall Creek near Hitchner Road, which overflowed its banks last night, the District of West Kelowna is lifting the Local State of Emergency. The area is still at risk due to continuing rainy conditions and spring thaw activity, but emergency and District Operations personnel will keep a close watch in the coming hours. As there is no imminent threat to life and safety, the State of Emergency has been lifted.


Currently, the repair work accomplished last night is holding and, with the permission of the private landowner, West Kelowna Fire Rescue and Operations staff will assist in continuing necessary sandbagging adjacent to McDougall Creek.


West Kelowna Fire Rescue is reminding the public to keep clear of fast-flowing waterways at this time of freshet. Members of the public are encouraged to report any overflowing waterways to the District of West Kelowna at 778-797-8849.


At approximately 9 p.m., April 25, the District of West Kelowna declared a Local State of Emergency and evacuated six properties along Hitchner Road after a dike along McDougall Creek was breached by high stream flow which resulted in the creek flow being redirected through an orchard and flooding several properties. Emergency crews were able to shore up the critical areas of the creek and flow has now been directed to its natural course.


The public and media can access updates emergency preparedness information on the new Regional Emergency Program website at



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