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There some good news for those property owners that might have been affected by the recent flooding in Kelowna.

Emergency Management BC has advised the Regional District of Central Okanagan Emergency Program that Disaster Financial Assistance has been approved related to any Overland Flooding damage caused by the rain induced flooding June 9th. 


The Evacuation Alert affecting 14 properties in the Mission Creek area of Joe Rich has been rescinded.

The alert was issued early Sunday morning as heavy rains caused a rapid rise in both the flow and level of Mission Creek.


A Local State of Emergency has been rescinded now that work to protect Mission Creek has successfully and safely been completed.

The Regional Emergency Program and Joe Rich Fire Rescue continue to monitor weather and creek conditions and will as warranted, evaluate the status of the Evacuation Alert, which remains in effect.

The Evacuation Alert affects 14 properties in the eastern portion of Joe Rich as the potential remains for flooding.


A Local State of Emergency continues for a property in the 11200 block of Highway 33 in order to protect Mission Creek from the environmental hazards posed by structures on the property in the Joe Rich area.

The Local State of Emergency provides special powers to a Local Government in order to protect public health and safety, the environment and public infrastructure.


The Regional District of Central Okanagan declared a Local State of Emergency in order to protect the environment of Mission Creek in the Joe Rich area of the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area.

The declaration allows the Regional District to access a property in the 11200 Block of Highway 33, near Mission Creek and the Three Forks Bridge crossing the creek, in order to conduct a professional engineering assessment and take appropriate actions related to outbuildings and structures on the property.  With high creek flows and levels of the creek there is an imminent risk to public health and safety and the environment of the creek.


An Evacuation Alert remains in effect for 14 properties* in the eastern portion of Joe Rich near Mission Creek as the potential remains for possible flooding.

Weather and creek conditions are being monitored by Joe Rich Fire Rescue and the Regional Emergency Program.  The status of the alert will be evaluated over the next few days and will be affected by any changes in both the creek levels and weather.


An Evacuation Alert has been issued by the Regional District of Central Okanagan for 14 properties in the eastern portion of Joe Rich adjacent to Mission Creek due to the potential for flooding as a result of increased water flows and levels of Mission Creek.


With more rain in the forecast through the weekend for the Central Okanagan and area lakes at extremely high levels, waterfront property owners and those in low lying areas near creeks and streams are encouraged to take steps needed to protect their property.

With the wet weather and continued high elevation snow-melt, the BC River Forecast Centre has issued a High Streamflow Advisory for the Okanagan, including Mission Creek.  The advisory means river levels are rising or expected to rise rapidly, but that no major flooding is expected.  However, minor flooding is possible in low-lying areas.


Kelowna, B.C. – The local state of emergency and evacuation alert for people living at 549 Truswell Rd. have been rescinded.
Residents of 30 rental units at the Walnut Grove property were placed on 20-minute evacuation alert on the evening on June 14. Part of a retaining wall on the property along Mission Creek was washed away and the rest of the wall was in jeopardy of falling into the creek.
City crews worked overnight to bring in 40 loads of large rip-rap rock to stabilize the property against the fast-flowing high water in Mission Creek.
Residents are asked to continue to exercise caution near any area creeks and streams. Please keep children and pets safely ...


Kelowna, B.C. – A local state of emergency remains in place this morning for the Walnut Grove property on Truswell Road.
City crews worked through the night to deliver 30 loads of rock to stabilize a failing retaining wall along Mission Creek.
Updates will be posted when new information is available.


Kelowna, B.C. – A failing retaining wall at the Walnut Grove property at 549 Truswell Rd. has prompted a local state of emergency.
Residents at the 30-unit rental property have been placed on evacuation alert.
Part of a retaining wall abutting Mission Creek at the back of the Walnut Grove property has fallen into the creek and the rest of the wall lining the creek is in jeopardy of falling.
After monitoring Mission Creek water flow at the property throughout the day and an inspection Thursday evening by a hydrological engineer, emergency officials decided to put the residents on evacuation alert.
City crews are preparing to remove some soil from the area and bring in ...


The Central Okanagan Regional Emergency Program has been active on several fronts over the weekend as last week’s rainfall has caused localized flooding problems.


Significant rainfall forecast for the Central Okanagan this week could result in rising water levels in area creeks and streams. 

Overnight tonight and tomorrow, up to 30 millimeters of rain is possible for our area and as a result, the Central Okanagan Regional Emergency Program is advising those property owners living in low-lying areas near creeks to remain alert and take steps to protect their properties in case water levels rise quickly.


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