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May 3rd to 9th…seven days set aside nationally to encourage your family to update or make a plan for how you’d deal with a large scale emergency.

Over the past 12 years, thousands of Central Okanagan residents have learned first-hand what they should have done, before they got a knock on their door, recommending they leave their home because of a threatening wildfire.  Should they have prepared in advance?   Hind-sight is 20-20!


RCMP go door to door in the early morning hours Monday advising residents of a fire near Smith Creek.   Tuesday afternoon, another fire spreads up a west slope of Mount Boucherie.   What emergency might it be today, or tomorrow?

The Central Okanagan Regional Emergency Program asks if these events haven’t got you and your family talking and acting on an emergency plan, won’t it be too late when a knock comes at your door?


Prepare Your Family for 72 Hours – Emergency Preparedness Week

Over the years, the Central Okanagan has seen its share of large scale emergencies.

While interface wildfires, floods and other natural disasters may be beyond our control, there are ways you can reduce the risk and the impact of whatever emergency we might face.

May 4th through 10th is Emergency Preparedness Week across the country.  It’s a good time for all Central Okanagan residents to review and revise their family emergency plans or if you don’t have a plan, get your family together to make one.


Central Okanagan residents have experienced and witnessed first-hand the impact on their families, neighbourhoods and communities of threatening large scale emergencies.


As the Regional Emergency Program staff is conducting their annual training sessions in advance of Emergency Preparedness Week May 6th through 12th, they’re encouraging Central Okanagan families to do the same:  Know the Risks, Make a Plan and Get a Kit. 


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