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The Regional District of Central Okanagan Emergency Operation Centre has issued an Evacuation Alert for some residents of the Wilsons Landing area of the potential danger due to the Wilsons Landing forest fire.


The Evacuation Alert affecting 14 properties in the Mission Creek area of Joe Rich has been rescinded.

The alert was issued early Sunday morning as heavy rains caused a rapid rise in both the flow and level of Mission Creek.


An Evacuation Alert remains in effect for 14 properties* in the eastern portion of Joe Rich near Mission Creek as the potential remains for possible flooding.

Weather and creek conditions are being monitored by Joe Rich Fire Rescue and the Regional Emergency Program.  The status of the alert will be evaluated over the next few days and will be affected by any changes in both the creek levels and weather.


Kelowna, B.C. – A failing retaining wall at the Walnut Grove property at 549 Truswell Rd. has prompted a local state of emergency.
Residents at the 30-unit rental property have been placed on evacuation alert.
Part of a retaining wall abutting Mission Creek at the back of the Walnut Grove property has fallen into the creek and the rest of the wall lining the creek is in jeopardy of falling.
After monitoring Mission Creek water flow at the property throughout the day and an inspection Thursday evening by a hydrological engineer, emergency officials decided to put the residents on evacuation alert.
City crews are preparing to remove some soil from the area and bring in ...


Central Okanagan residents have experienced and witnessed first-hand the impact on their families, neighbourhoods and communities of threatening large scale emergencies.


As the Regional Emergency Program staff is conducting their annual training sessions in advance of Emergency Preparedness Week May 6th through 12th, they’re encouraging Central Okanagan families to do the same:  Know the Risks, Make a Plan and Get a Kit. 


With the rescinding of the Local State of Emergency by the District of West Kelowna on Thursday, April 26th for the McDougall Creek flooding, the Central Okanagan Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) is no longer activated and operating.  However monitoring of area creeks and water courses will continue during the spring freshet and runoff season.


An assessment of flooded properties along Hitchner Road due to overflowing McDougall Creek is being conducted by West Kelowna Fire Rescue District of West Kelowna Operations staff this morning. Further updates are expected after 11 a.m. The Local State of Emergency is still in effect at this time and six properties are under evacuation order.


The District of West Kelowna is declaring a local State of Emergency and evacuating six properties along Hitchner Road due to flooding of McDougall Creek.


The Regional District of Central Okanagan Emergency Operation Centre advises effective 4:00 pm September 7th, the cancellation of all Alerts pertaining to the Bear Creek wildfire.  As well, the Local State of Emergency has been rescinded and the Emergency Operation Centre is now closed.


With great progress made on fighting the Bear Creek wildfire and supporting weather conditions, on a recommendation from the BC Wildfire Management Branch, effective at 6:00 pm this evening, the Emergency Operation Centre is rescinding the Evacuation Order affecting approximately 550 residents of Traders Cove and Bear Creek Main Forest Service Road and about 100 visitors to Bear Creek Provincial Park.


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