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Affordable Housing

Defining Affordable

Affordability benchmarks, as defined in the Official Community Plan, are published annually in information bulletins, using accepted methodologies and data from Statistics Canada, BC Statistics and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. They are based on the following criteria:

Affordable Rental: Affordable rents will be the average rents for Kelowna from the annual Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Rental Market Report.

Affordable Ownership: Ownership affordability is based on the income level at which a household would be capable of entering the ownership market. This is equivalent to the "starter home" price and is derived based on the purchase ability at the median income level for all two or more person households from the most recent Census, assuming 30% of gross household income expenditure for shelter.

The Housing Continuum


Housing Continuum

Housing that can be built new to reach households at the below $40,000 income level, requires outside funding or government subsidies. It generally cannot be built as part of the conventional housing market. This is why we refer to “market” and “non-market” housing. In the illustration below, non-market housing is shown on the left side of the red dashed line. Addressing the non-market housing need cannot be done at the local government level alone, but requires the commitment and dedication of all sectors, including federal and provincial governments, plus the private and non-profit business sectors, as well as the community at large.


Housing Partnerships

The City has some ability to increase the supply of affordable housing through partnerships. Since 2004, the City has achieved several partnerships with the provincial and federal governments to provide core needs housing. This involved:

  • funding;
  • use of City-owned land through a long term lease at no cost for the land; and
  • relief from City costs.





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